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I am an artist who not only thinks about the details in color, design and organization; but I also look into the words that describe each piece of art.

There are many emotions that can come out of one piece of art as well as there are many areas in one piece as it is like a puzzle that is being put together. One may see one art piece, but I see many pieces of work being combined into one amazing piece of art.

Pablo Picasso once said "We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth, at least the truth that is given to us to understand."

What he is saying is that everyone has their own truth within the art they see in front of them. We all can create a world of our own. That is what I do with my art. Everyone has their own style of art as well as I do. Criticism is part of this truth; that there really is no truth, but it is dependent on the persons' interest.

As a graduate of Academy of Art University, San Francisco; I learned a lot about the history of the past artists and in learning more in detail about them, I came to understand about quotes like Picasso and his reason behind his change in style in art.

Outside of a formal art setting; I had much interest in anime and did a lot of signatures, avatars and wallpapers for people within that interest in anime forums. Using an alias, dr_yiggles & dryiggles within those forums as well as I use it to sign a lot of my art work.

On my spare time, I have interest in writing my own poetry & playing online games.

    © Jeremiah Yip

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